Make Me by Lee Child

Review by Richard Goldman
Hardcover September 2015

Twentieth in Lee Child's always best-selling series featuring ex-military cop and present day wanderer Jack Reacher.

Maybe I'm too easy to please but any book that starts with some guys trying to dispose of a body and they're worried about satellite imagery showing the grave has got me from page one. Of course, pretty much any Lee Child book has me from page one and Make Me, the latest for Jack Reacher is no exception.

Donald Westlake once observed that there are only two plots and this one is most certainly "a stranger comes to town." Typically, for Jack anyway, the town has some peculiarities starting with its name of Mother's Rest. Jack's attempts to find out the origin only increase the suspicion of the residents as Jack hooks up with a Seattle PI who seems to have lost her partner.

Naturally, there is something very nasty going on in Mother's Rest and naturally Jack isn't going to stop until he finds out what's going on and punishes the guilty.

A completely satisfying entry in a series that never fails to deliver delight from the sharp dialogue, the unexpected bits of knowledge and the unforgettable bad guys.