Historical Mysteries March 2017

Historical Mysteries are my favorite Pastime, says Mary Alice Gorman. Here are a few of her recent reads.

The Other Einstein by Mary Benedict
Trade Paperback, July 2017

One of the things I love about Historical mystery novels is that they fill in huge gaps in my education about the lives and leadership of women. Well The Other Einstein will complete your understanding of how the development of this erratic genius was shaped and enabled by a brilliant woman who he treated badly in the end. Unique was Mitza Maric’s brilliance and education for the time as she studied math and physics beside men in 19th century Zurich. On the path she encounters the experience unique to women that changes her course. A remarkable, detail laden living and breathing story of a remarkable woman that you cannot put down. 

Revenge in a Cold River by Anne Perry
Hardcover, September 2016

I may have missed a few of the wonderful Monk and Hester series but I had no trouble jumping into the thrills and troubles of Commander William Monk of the Thames River Police. Still on guard from his memory loss we catch a frightening glimpse of his past in the heyday of the Gold Rush in San Francisco. How’s that for a shock! Read this one on a hot night and I bet the chilling conspiracy and atmosphere will cool you to the startling end. Ann Perry at her finest in another historical thriller.



Home Sweet Home by April Smith
Hardcover, January 2017

In this generation parents remind children to not put anything on the internet they don't want popping up in their later professional adult lives. Well if only the parents of the early prewar days in the US had cautioned their kids about joining just any social or political group for advancement of workers and unions. but here is where our tale begins. The Kusek family moves from the turmoil of 50’s New York city to the midwest seeking a quiet life. South Dakota ranchers, a lawyer and a nurse and their kids are part of the heartland until the powers that be challenge Cal in his campaign for the senate. The panic of McCarthyism, a trial and murder ultimately bring an adult daughter back in 1985 when her brother and family are attacked. An epic tale of fear and hatred well told in this elegant novel by one of my faves.

In This Grave Hour by Jacqueline Winspear
trade paperback, March 2017

On September 3, 1939 PM Neville Chamberlain broadcasts Britain’s declaration of war with Germany. The London of Maisie Hobbs is in the grip of possible invasion and readied for war. As a special assignment to find a Belgium refugee from the last war comes to Maisie, another special refugee-a speechless child-is becoming part of her country family. In the detailed sleuthing the plot shines and once again Winspear fills in the gaps of our knowledge of the World Wars and the nuance of the impacts on all social classes. The ending will amaze fans of the series. A winner always.

Girl Waits with Gun by Amy Stewart
trade paperback, May 2016

So here is where it all begins for women police in the USA. Sort of…..with Constance Kopp the first female deputy sheriff. Following actual factual history, Ms Stewart introduces the plucky hero who steps up to the line to provide justice for her dear quirky sisters and all. Fresh and funny the series continues through Lady Cop Makes Trouble #2 and another due in 2017.