Murder on St Nicholas Avenue by Victoria Thompson

Reviewed by Mary Alice Gorman
Hardcover November 2015

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You don't have to have read the 17 Gaslight Mystery books that go before the Christmas #18 by Victoria Thompson. You will no doubt start this delightful historical mystery series after you finish Murder on St Nicholas Avenue. This extra features a few of the secondary characters who color the Old New York stories that tell of the adventures of former midwife Sarah Brandt and  former cop Frank Malloy. While these two detectives are honeymooning in Europe, Nursemaid Maeve Smith and cop Gino Donatelli apply the skills they have picked up in the company of the clever detecting duo. With the help of a Knickerbocker bred couple, the Deckers, they help to get a woman off who is in the Tombs for killing her husband. A pile of cash, the Panama Canal and a dead Toff all swarm around in this case of deception and murder. Just loved it in one big gulp!