Too Bad to Die by Francine Mathews

Reviewed by Mary Alice Gorman
Hardcover March 2015

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Francine Matthews' CIA experience glows in the second espionage thriller I gulped it in one sitting. (This is really the greatest joy of being can read the whole thing in a day....don't tell). Too Bad to Die is another WWII thriller but this time featuring Ian Fleming as the British Naval Intelligence officer at the ready to thwart any attempts to assassinate Churchill, Roosevelt or Stalin during the important November 1943 Cairo and Tehran meetings prior to D-Day. Worthy of Bond in the complex plot and colorful cast of real historical characters from the big shots to the days of Pamela Churchill Harriman's honing her skills. This one does fill in the blanks about what the leaders were thinking, planning, doing, drinking and eating during the significant WWII events! Just love them all.