Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Reviewed by Mary Alice Gorman
Hardcover October 2015

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I can hardly wait to share the experience of reading Lisa Scottoline's latest , Corrupted. Even if you have never read any of the first 20 some legal mystery novels featuring the women (and lately one guy) of the Philadelphia law firm founded by the tough Bennie Rosato, you will thrill at this elegantly crafted book. This is the third outing of the Rosato DiNunzio Law Firm novels and it is a killer. First you have the Pennsylvania scandal that put 2 judges in jail for a scheme involving profiting from placing kids in a Juvie jail for any and all offenses. Turns out Bennie failed to save a kid who was sent away for fighting a bully many years ago. The failure of the system and Bennie sentenced him to the life of a juvenile offender with devastating results. When he is arrested years later for killing the bully, Bennie must try to reverse the damage and loss of youth for this kid. The story is chock a block with intrigue and revealing layers of this wonderful woman character, but it is the courtroom detail in the last third of the book that will keep you up way past dark. A fabulous tour-de-force from a best in the business. Eat your heart out Scott!