A Painless Introduction to WW II History

or, how I found out what was really going on before and during the War by reading historical mystery.

Many details you learned about WWII will fall into place when you read the two books by the writer with talent for the storytelling as espionage thrillers, Francine Matthews. The first novel just blew me away in how it fit into so many cracks in our understanding of what really happened in Europe in the run-up to WWII and what the H@#$ the US folks assigned to England were doing, seeing and feeling. Jack 1939 details a European tour by John F Kennedy at the behest of Roosevelt to really see and hear what was happening. As he was traveling through Europe to research his Harvard Senior thesis this secret mission was easy. Its the Nazi plot to affect the US elections among other crimes that are revealed with care and cunning. The thesis became While England Slept. This one is a five ticket ride that any history lover will savor too.