Mrs. Roosevelt's Confidant by Susan Ella MacNeal

Review by Mary Alice Gorman
Paperback October 2015

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In my fascination with the hitherto untold histories of early 20th century American and British women through work and wars, I heartily recommend the terrific books by Susan Ella MacNeal featuring Maggie Hope, Secretary to Churchill. The first four novels are a series of adventures starting with the swearing in of Churchill for the young American who is highly skilled at code breaking but placed as a typist. She is smart, skilled, clever and in just the right place all the time. They are fast paced and embellished with gobs of wonderful detail that will make your imagination soar with Masterpiece Theater scenes.

The latest, #5, is Mrs Roosevelt's Confidant and our plucky hero is stateside in the USA for conference between the US and UK leaders over Christmas holiday. The White House and Roosevelt family detail, along with the the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, provide ample intrigue just when Mrs Roosevelt's secretary goes missing. So many "You are there" moments ensue and the pages keep turning into the night. Any WWII buff or Mystery Lover would cherish this as a holiday gift for the first snow day.

If you enjoyed this book:

An added benefit would be the great book, Dinner with Churchill that in epistolary fashion details the many carefully planned and elegant feasts that got the work done with the leaders during the War to end all. Churchill was the craftsman of the feast. A delicious repast of history's great moments is served......with much to drink too.