Long Upon the Land by Margaret Maron

Review by Mary Alice Gorman
Hardcover September 2015

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Margaret Maron wraps up the long-running Deborah Knott series in fine style.

Margaret Maron's latest and final Deborah Knott mystery, Long Upon the Land, is a fitting tribute that comes full circle in the 20 book series. When a body is found the suspicions threaten the very fiber of the Judge's family. The history of Deborah's mother and father unfolds as the canny sleuth uncovers past secrets. This is one of my all-time favorite mystery series and in this day of binging of favorite TV series I can think of no better candidate for mystery lovers than the series which was launched with the gorgeous Bootlegger's Daughter. It will make for a cozy Winter to visit the Southern traditions and elegant puzzles herein. Thank you Margaret Maron for sharing these wonderful stories.