Our Story

Welcome to revuzeit.com,

a site for the varied interests of Mary Alice Gorman

Finally, Richard and Mary Alice have the answer to the questions we are asked all the time..Are you enjoying your retirement--and what are you doing now?
This website is a record of what we are reading, seeing, sharing, eating and much of our opinion too. In short, it is a new career without any outside deadlines. In fact, it will change often with additions.

The Backstory

Mary Alice Gorman and Richard Goldman met during the McGovern campaign and haven't missed an election since.
Mary Alice was born on the South-side Slopes on Pius Street and grew up in Morningside, graduating from St Raphael's after 12 years. She made a home in Highland Park with daughter Alison and the late Roger Babusci when Alison graduated from The Montessori Center in Glenshaw to the new Pgh Public Schools CAPA at Rogers school. Following many years of teaching English at Peabody and achieving a MS in Counseling from Duquesne University, Mary Alice was seeing private clients for Career counseling when the Pgh Chapter go ACLU asked her to be Executive Director.

As a Nonprofit Management consultant, Mary Alice achieved a turnaround at Allegheny County Center fir Victims of Violent Crime and became Executive Director and later President of PA Coalition Against Rape. However, working on politics as President of the 7 11 independent Democratic Club she began an adventure and family with Richard Goldman that rocks on today.

Having a Manhattan and Miami Beach upbringing sent Richard Goldman to the chilly Michigan State University. Following an early career when computers used punch cards, Richard ended up working for Bradford and overseeing development and installation of record keeping systems in trust and stock transfer departments of banks all over the East coast. Mellon Bank soon bought the lean and mean little company. Meanwhile Richard's twins, Josh and Seth were in the Montessori Car pool from Highland Park while sharing and caring a childhood with Mary Alice and Alison.

Over six days in 1982, the kids went off to school--Josh to Georgetown, Seth to Sarah Lawrence and Alison to Chatham. Thanking their high schools for International Baccalaureate  AP credits, Alison graduated from American University and Seth from University of Chicago. Josh chose the fast track with the IT highway, Seth got a law degree from Harvard and Alison got an MS from Bank Street College and Parsons.